Blazer Pool Table
  • Blazer Pool Table

    Sturdy and durable in construction, the sleek and streamlined Stallion Pool Table keeps the focus on the purity of the game through it's understated design and excellent playability. It's affordable price makes it a top-level choice for a budget-minded game room design project.

    • Table Construction

      1.25" Engineered wood with maple veneer
      High torque T-Nut fasteners
      Metal corner construction
      5 year warranty

      3 piece 1" backed

    • Delivery and Install

      Standard delivery and install is 60 miles within our stores radius and first floor. 

      Small surcharge for upstairs or farther delivery. 

    $2,295.00 Regular Price
    $1,995.00Sale Price
    Standard Delivery and Installation
    Accessory Kit

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