Cocktail Arcade

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The 60 in 1 Classic arcade cocktail table comes in a small package for those who want to create the feel of a true arcade in their homes. It comes with a built-in joy stick and four buttons and 60 old time classic games. You have the option to play the Ms Pacman and Pacman games with fast and normal speed and Galaga with rapid fire and normal fire.

Games include: Pacman, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong Three, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Crush Roller, Mr. Do, Space Invaders, Ms Pacman, Galaga 3, Gyruss, Tank Battalion, 1942, Lady Bug, Burger Time, Mappy, Centipede, Millipede, Jr Pacman, Pengo, Phoenix, Time Pilot, Super Cobra, Hustler, Space Panic, Super Breakout, New Rally X, Arkanoid, Qix, Juno First, Xevious, Mr. Do’s Castle, Moon Cresta, Pinball Action, Scramble, Shao-Lin’s Road King && Balloon, 1943, Van-Van Car, Pacman Plus, Dig Dug 2, Admir, Zaxxon, Super Pacman, Bomb Jack, Shao-Lin’s Road, Van-Van Car, Pooyan, Pleiads, Gun Smoke, The End, 1943 Kai, Cango Bango And Jumping Jack.


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