game table,The Unclear History of the Game of Bumper Pool

The Unclear History of the Game of Bumper Pool

A 3-in-1 bumper pool table at The Man Cave Warehouse has a little bit of mystery to it. The not-so-mysterious part pertains to two of its uses: as a dining table and as a game table. But the third use – as a bumper pool table – has an unclear history.

Answers to the question of how the game of bumper pool originated vary. Some say it derived from the game of billiards, which dates to 1500s Europe. Others say it derived from the game of croquet. The jury is still out.

“The uniqueness of bumper pool, among other types of billiard games, is the nature of the bumper pool tables,” the folks at LoveCueSports say. “This table has an array of cushioned obstacles fixed on them, and only two pockets, unlike other billiard tables. Even though the game has been around for some time, many billiard enthusiasts know very little about it.”

An old EzineArticles story favors the croquet theory over the billiards theory. “It is believed, that bumper pool is a table version of the game croquet. Like croquet, your goal is to get your ball to the other side of the field before your opponent. The game of course has obstacles in which you have to get by and then on to the finishing line.”

Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, The Man Cave Warehouse can fulfill your 3-in-1 bumper pool table needs. We can also can fulfill your needs with air hockey tables, shuffleboard tables and pool tables.

High Demand

3-in-1 poker tables, pool tables and all kinds of other game tables are in high demand right now because of the pandemic. Homeowners are looking for entertainment options for their family and friends within the safe confines of their abodes.

If you are in the market for any type of games table, whether new or used, contact us at our Orlando or Tampa locations for information.

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